Mobile App

Courseloka has 2 apps, 1) 'courseloka' (android) and 2) 'moodle mobile' (android and iOs) by Moodle Pty Ltd.

Download and install:

Android 'courseloka' app android%20app%20on%20google%20play.jpeg

Android 'moodle mobile' app android%20app%20on%20google%20play.jpeg

'moodle mobile' app iOs moodle

Note: In case of any issue of device incompatibility with the courseloka android app (such as images or audio not downloading), please install the 'moodle mobile app' (for android and iOs).

How to Sign-up on

Sign-up on with username, name, email id and mobile number. 

Visit the Inbox of your email, click the Verification link.

Then, you can login to the app and website

How to login to the app

Open the mobile app and enter login credentials.

Site address (moodle only):

Username and Password.

The login gets saved in the app, and next time you don't have to re-enter username and password.

To see your course, in the app's menu drop down, select 'My courses'.

Click on Contents to take the course.

Content is organised in Topic form

Content is Offline (Read-only) or Online (login to the website via browser).

a) Offline Content has to be downloaded.

To download, ensure you are connected to a good Wifi connection (place the smartphone 1 foot near the router) or data is enabled in your smartphone.

Download only one topic or a few lessons at a time.

DO NOT download all Sections, else the process may take a very long time and all data may not download correctly.

To Download Offline Content, Click the cloud with a downward arrow.

When new lessons are added, the cloud will appear next to the topic & lesson. You can download at your convenience.

How to access the website through the mobile app

In the app's menu drop down, select Website.